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Achieving The Best Relationship in Work

Wherever human beings are, it is necessarily related to each other—likewise a relationship in work. A type of the happy relationship can be characterized by the relationship principles—mutual belief, help, compassion, etc. If we want the best relationship in work, those principles must be upheld.

By developing the relationship principles, the best relationship in work can be achieved. One of them is believing that everyone is basically kind. This is a basic principle in building the best relationship with others. Indeed we are not living in the perfect world with the perfect people. Everyone has their own interests. This can create a certain perception in our minds. However, whatever the perception formed in our minds, we have to believe that everyone is basically kind. We don’t need to prove ourselves better, because by believing that everyone is kind, they will believe that we are kind too.

Besides believing that everyone is basically kind, accepting others as the way they are is a very fundamental thing—reminding that everyone is different. The best attitude is accepting people as the way they are. We can’t create a world based on our own mind. And either submitting the specific requirements to accept others. It will shackle ourselves. Accepting them sincerely is the way to discover how the real human is.

By treating others respectly and valuably, we also can achieve the best relationship. We even can’t build a good relationship if we demean others. A famous painter said, “Treat your friends like you put the writing under the best light.”

Sharing each other is important in the global work. Sharing means believing that we live in this world together. At the happy moment, we share with friends to double the happiness. When being sad, we share with friends to find entertainment that is able to relieve the sadness. By sharing, we are not keeping our happiness alone, and not making sadness worse.

Forgiving the others’ mistakes is also one of the most important things to achieve the best relationship. Every relationship can have problems even can fall failed. It will make us feel upset, disappointed, and betrayed. But that doesn’t mean we can’t build another relationship. We have to believe that this is the part of the relationship’s growth. Forgiving their mistakes can make the relationship grow and mature. We won’t get the best relationship in work if we are not willing to forgive.


(the example of deontology theory for business ethics class)